Lydia Plowman's Senior Studio Progress Work

artist statment

Lydia Plowman


One of my favorite memories growing up was exploring the front and back yard of the house I have lived in for 20 years. I can’t help but notice that there are beautiful aspects to every little element within the surrounding of my homestead. Throughout this piece you will see traces of nature and beauty captured in a way where now, not living there anymore, are nostalgic and reminiscing to me. It entails certain landmarks, flowers, trees, and sidewalks that I have always and still remember being present. Meaning, the crabapple tree doesn’t have flowers during the winter and those leaves on my front sidewalk only stay around for a couple months.  The elements always have stayed in the same location.  can always go to my parents and expect everything in the same place, exteriorly. And every time I do visit them I will notice these elements, what ever season it is, I’ll know and expect these things to happen that mother nature gives us each and every day.


Examples of finished polaroid image.